Standard Mat Sizes

All measurements are in inches.
Frame size Window Size Image Size
  5x7    3x4.5 3.5x5
  5x7 3.5x5.5 4x6
  8x10 3.5x5.5 4x6
  8x10 4.5x6.5 4x7
  8x10 4.5x6.5 5x7
  9x12 5.5x8.5 6x9
11x14 6.5x9.5 7x10
11x14 7.5x9.5 8x10
11x14 7.5x11.5 8x12
12x16 8.5x11.5 9x12
16x20 10.5x13.5 11x14
16x20 11.5x15.5 12x16
18x24 14.5x20.5 15x21
20x24 16.5x20.5 17x21
22x28 18.5x24.5 19x25
24x30 20.5x26.5 21x27
24x36 20.5x32.5 21x33

Mat Cutting & Mounting

Standard Mats - $18 each

Outside mat dimensions exceeding 16" x 20" are $21 each.

All windows will be centered on each axis.


Custom Mats - $21 each

Outside mat dimensions exceeding 16 x 20 are $24 each.

All mat cutting orders require purchasing at least one 32x40 mat board at current price (unless you provide mat board).

Completion time will vary depending on complexity of order and the schedule of our mat cutting staff. We will do our best to complete your order as soon as possible. If you require immediate service and we are able to provide it, there will be an additional $5 service charge for standard cuts and $10 service charge for custom cuts.

HINGE MOUNTING $15 each. Over 16" X 20" $18 each

SPRAY MOUNTING $10 each. Over 16" X 20" $12 each.

Frame Installation $2 each.

Wire Installation $2 each.

Mat, Backing Board and Foam Board Cuts

First cut free and $1.00 per cut thereafter.

Special Orders

Do you need a particular item that we don't stock...or would you prefer one of our regular items in a different color, size or style?

We will be happy to order it in for you! Special ordering saves you time searching online. Plus it saves you shipping costs and the hassle of disposing of the packing materials.

If you're not sure what you're looking for we will be happy to research our files to find the item that best fits your needs.

You can even call us with your request, 707 824-4837.